Applying For a Role

British Airways uses a variety of different methods to determine who is the best candidate for a position. Whatever the position you are applying for you can be sure that the application process will be fair, objective and comprehensive, assessing key competencies that are important for success in the role. 

Before applying for a role, be sure to read the job description carefully and assess whether you have those important qualities and skills that will make you a success in the role.

Honesty and integrity are important values for British Airways and we take every effort to ensure our employees support these values so it is important to us that you also act with honesty and integrity. We appreciate you might want to tell others that you’ve applied but please don’t share details of the recruitment process as it may compromise the fairness and integrity of the entire selection process. Furthermore, it could advantage other applicants and potentially disadvantage you. It may even disqualify you from the selection process.

Whatever happens, British Airways will always let you know the outcome of your application.

Please note, British Airways does not accept speculative CVs.

The Application Form

To apply for any role in British Airways you will need to complete an on-line application form. The exact content of the form varies depending on the role you are applying for.  However, you’ll always be asked for your personal details so we can contact you.

Sometimes we will ask you to attach a CV and answer application questions. Application questions may take the form of a short essay-style question or may ask you to answer a series of multiple-choice questions. If you are asked to complete any of these the following tips may help:

  • If asked for a CV, tailor it to reflect the role you are applying for
  • Make sure your CV is honest, accurate, up-to-date, concise and easy to read. If your CV is too long it can detract from your key skills and qualities
  • For short-essay style questions, read each question carefully and make sure you answer all of the question
  • Take note of the character count – this is a strict limit
  • Writing short responses may limit an assessor’s ability to determine your suitability for the role – try to be concise but utilise the available space
  • Proof read your answers for grammar and spelling errors
  • Answer all questions honestly
  • For multiple-choice questions, do not spend too long thinking about them but answer them truthfully. Further details about these types of questions can be found on the Preparing for Your Assessment page.
  • Research British Airways to find out how we work and about our culture and values

Before submitting your application review what you’ve written to make sure it accurate and error-free. Remember to tick the box at the end of each section to say that you’ve completed it.  When you’re ready press the submit button. You will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your application from the recruitment team.

Adjustments and Special Requirements

British Airways is committed to being a fair and inclusive employer.  We take care to follow best practice and train all our assessors to a high standard.  We know that sometimes people need adjustments or have special requirements during the recruitment and assessment process. If this applies to you please let us know by indicating it on your application form when prompted or contact us by emailing recruitment@jobs.ba.com (quoting 'Assessment Adjustment' within the email subject header) as soon as possible and we will help wherever we can.  

We are members of the UK government’s Disability Confident Scheme, which indicates that British Airways is positive about employing, retaining and developing disabled people within its business. To this end, we take disabled candidates applying through the Disability Confident Scheme who meet the essential criteria for the role that they have applied for to the next stage of the recruitment process (for example, an online test). If you wish to apply through the scheme please contact us by emailing recruitment@jobs.ba.com (quoting ‘Disability Confident’ and the role you're applying for within the subject header) as soon as possible.

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