Cabin Crew

cabin crew

Customers are at the heart of everything we do at British Airways. Our commitment to them is integral to our promise: To Fly. To Serve.

We currently have four Cabin Crew fleets, three of which are based at our global hub Heathrow – Worldwide, Euro-Fleet and Mixed Fleet, while the fourth is based at Gatwick airport. We have a range of opportunities for Cabin Crew serving on our Mixed Fleet and London Gatwick fleets. BA CityFlyer, a wholly owned subsidiary, also have a London City base.

London Heathrow Mixed Fleet and London Gatwick Fleet

This is an exciting and challenging role for resilient, flexible, creative professionals with an unrelenting commitment to customer satisfaction. Based at either London Gatwick or London Heathrow, you'll set the tone by providing unrivalled hospitality to customers. You'll work across all cabins, on a range of aircraft, flying to a vibrant mix of long-haul and short-haul destinations around the globe.

Join Mixed Fleet and you'll be based at Heathrow Airport. You'll give our customers the service they deserve as they fly to the widest possible range of destinations, whether they are heading for the bright lights of Las Vegas or the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, soaking up the different cultures of Asia or enjoying fine dining in Paris.

Become part of the London Gatwick Cabin Crew team and you'll serve on a wide variety of routes - everywhere from Jersey and Barbados to Bermuda and the Maldives.

London City Cabin Crew

BA CityFlyer is a wholly owned subsidiary of British Airways. Become part of our London City Cabin Crew Team and provide exceptional service to thousands of business and leisure customers flying into the niche market of London City Airport in the heart of London and beyond to European destinations including Madrid, Ibiza, Florence and Amsterdam. Or become part of our Edinburgh Cabin Crew Team, based in Edinburgh, providing the same exceptional service on our European routes.

International Cabin Crew

International Cabin Crew are based overseas. They ensure local customers have access to crew with firsthand knowledge of their language and culture. Locations include: Mexico City, Cairo, Mumbai, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Delhi, Bahrain, Shanghai, Beijing, Chennai and Bangalore.

Safety and service

Whatever your role, you'll work closely with great people to ensure your customers are safe, happy and 100% looked after.

You can go far

Aspiring to be the very best, you will make a difference every day. In return, you'll enjoy plenty of opportunities to progress your career. Our most outstanding crew members go far, and fast.

Meet our cabin crew and hear their stories

Be there for the customer

A real team player, you're passionate about people and driven to delight every customer. Crucially, you're always ready to adapt to change and innovation. Whether you're responding to changing conditions mid-flight or trying out a brand new service, you'll put customers' interests first. Your enthusiasm for creating great experiences means you're totally engaged with everything from health and safety to our products and services.

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